Respect other cultures essay

Educate yourself on the cultures around you so that you're prepared and equipped to deal with any disparities.

Cultural diversity: Why we should respect other cultures

Respect as a form of behavior and participation is especially important in childhood as it serves as a basis of how the child must conduct themselves in their community.

Reading about or talking to members of another culture or visiting a friend's cultural celebration is a great way to increase your knowledge and overall acceptance. Hang the list up on the wall as a reminder. It is also common to see Chinese women covering their mouths when they laugh.

Culture is, therefore, a combination of thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and beliefs shared by those of the same racial, ethnic, religious, or other social group. In today's work environment, diversity is an ever-evolving issue that includes women's rights; cultural and ethnic diversity; age and disability equality, as well as gender rights.

Then they force the people of the previous culture to give up their own culture or they kill them.

How to Respect Yourself and Others

For instance, one should not point directly at someone. In fact, we are all members of various cultural groups and our cultural identities develop based on the influence of these memberships. Different societies can exchange ideas, people, manufactured goods, and natural resources.

They just figure out what the questioner wants to hear and they say it. You should address each of these ideals within your own life in order to carry a well-rounded respect for yourself. For example, a German doctor who deals primarily with patients from Peru is likely to find that his patients' view of time is different from his own.

It is also common to see Chinese women covering their mouths when they laugh. Gestures of respect A wife touching the feet of her husband. In work-related situations people address each other by their title.

All the people of a society collectively create and maintain culture. How did do you deal with it? Education Lack of understanding often plays a role in intercultural tension, so it's important to educate yourself on other cultures to help minimize that tension.

People are often introduced from oldest to youngest. It is considered rude to slap, pat, or put one's arm around the shoulders of another. Learn what you can. The deeper the bow, the more respect they are showing. An honorific is a word or expression often a pronoun that shows respect when used in addressing or referring to a person or animal.

Have kids representing different groups put together presentations designed to help other kids understand and appreciate the special characteristics of that group. People are often introduced from oldest to youngest. For example, it is recommended to kiss the hands of parents, grandparents and teachers.

This is true of self-respect as well as respect for others. Have you ever seen anybody mistreated for being different. All rights are reserved. Many Westerners may find Chinese handshakes to be too long or too weak, but this is because a weaker handshake is a gesture of humility and respect.

What Is the Way to Show Respect in a Different Culture?

When a Chinese person asks someone their age they often do this so they know how to address the person. Contact Author Regardless of where you live on this great, big Earth, chances are you will eventually interact in some way with a culture that is different from your own.

How to Respect Yourself and Others

The material in this website is intended for non-commercial educational use. Watch a movie or TV show and write about how the characters interacted with each other. Being an Honest Person…You must be honest with yourself and with others. As stress becomes reduced and new ideas start to flow, the team becomes more effective in getting work done.

Often time, younger people will go out of their way to open doors for their elders and not cross their legs in front of them. African girls want to look like Britney Spears, and guys want to break dance. Which did you like better?

How do they feel about all this diversity?In other cultures, however, declining anything offered is considered disrespectful; on the other hand, it is often perfectly acceptable to take one sip of tea and leave the rest untouched. Deferring to another culture is in effect saying, "Let's do things your way.

Bradley, Kate. "How to Respect Cultural Differences." Synonym, https. In many cultures, individuals are considered to be worthy of respect until they prove otherwise. In work-related situations people address each other by their title. At home people often refer to each other by nicknames or terms of kinship.

Essay on Respect; Respect Research Group: Multidisciplinary research project on interpersonal. Respecting Others The many problems we face today as a society seem to become more and more overwhelming. I believe that respect for one other is a big social issue we face today in.

Sep 25,  · Best Answer: Because it is an essential factor in enabling the world's different populations and countries to live in harmony, without war,conflict or genocide. Unfortunately, you only have to look at the state of the world today to see that such respect, and peaceful international harmony is an impossible Resolved.

Essay about The Importance of Respecting Other Cultures; Essay about The Importance of Respecting Other Cultures. Birthing Cermonies Of Other Cultures Essay Words | 10 Pages I believe that respect for one other is a big social issue we face today in our generation of tomorrow.

We see this problem in teens, in so many places. Dec 31,  · How to Accept and Respect Other Cultures.

Updated on January 27, LQWILLIams. more. In other words, it is a respect of diversity, and many believe that it is is also the very virtue that makes peace possible.

Promoting Respect for Cultural Diversity in the Classroom

Source. Tips for Fostering Tolerance.

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