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What's more, the girl can takea pratfall like Dick Van Dyke in a dress. Never Been Kisssed also has a heroine who believes in waiting for the right person to kiss, even if that wait takes quite a while, and Barrymore is completely adorable.

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Never been kissed becomes very much a romantic pic as Josie develops feelings for a certain man and the question becomes will they get together. Relives the hell of high school. In it, she admits she's never been kissed, describes the students of South Glen South, and avows her love for Sam; the entire city is moved by it.

Why didn't she tell the truth earlier? To put it succinctly: Families can talk about why high school is such a clique-ish stage of life. I also enjoyed Leelee Sobiesky as the intellectual student who befriends Josie on her first day at the school. But the insistently inane and implausible circumstancesof the story soon crush all the joy out of watching Drew give great dork.

She is assigned her first major news story for the newspaper she works for-to go undercover as a high school student befriend the popular cool kids and get a scoop as to what really goes on in the world of high school. He then uses his influence to draw Josie into the cool crowd, much to the dismay of Aldys.

Never Been Kissed

But it turns out that the skills it takes to succeed as an adult have nothing to do with the skills it takes to succeed in high school.

How does the movie portray drug use and drinking? Anita, Gus and Josie's other co-workers watch through the camera and are overjoyed as she is voted prom queen.

Sign in to vote. But, pressed by her editor to fit in with the cool kids, she relives her old experiences of frustration and embarrassment.

As Guy dances with Aldys as an alleged act of friendship, the mean girls attempt to dump dog food over Aldys. It is however, very sweetly done. But at the insistence of her flatly drawn editor John C. He arranges for her to wear a hidden camera, and soon the whole office becomes obsessed with her story.

One day, her editor-in-chief, Rigfort, assigns her to report undercover at a high school to help parents become more aware of their children's lives. The cocky dreamboat as an androgynous, doe-eyed, guitar-playing, poundBeck look-a-like? Only problem is Josie has never been popular.

Barrymore is thesingular tent pole holding up this current clear-front-runner for the worstscreenplay of the year. Watching the miserable Josie take her licks is so painful that it's a genuine relief when she's made over into a happy, bubble-headed prom queen, and she only learns self-respect after winning the approval of a bunch of cruel, vapid teens.

Never Been Kissed

Arquette pretends to have dated Josie in one sceneand co-hosts a kegger as her bother later in the same reel. It is however, very sweetly done.

Ultimately, of course, shemust recover her conscience and give a speech at the prom about being trueto yourself."Never Been Kissed" Never Been Kissed" "Never Been Kissed" is an adroit film for teenagers to go see, but more specifically I would say that this is a film for young teenage girls.

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Check out the exclusive movie review and see our movie rating for Never Been Kissed. Feb 18,  · Watch Never Been Kissed movie trailer and get the latest cast info, photos, movie review and more on If I see one more high school movie that uses a Literature class Shakespearelesson as a metaphor for raging hormones and whatever else the screenwriteris trying to put across, I swear I'm going to.

Never Been Kissed starts pretty incredulously: we are supposed to believe that Drew Barrymore is a copy editor at the Chicago Sun-Times.

No, that's not the stretch: The jaw-dropper is .

Never been kissed movie review
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