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Research on communal crisis and media role is usually difficult if not impossible.

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History[ edit ] With the fall of the Oyo Empire to the Fulanithe Yoruba kingdom was thrown into confusion and the inhabitants of the Old Oyo were dispersed and started new settlements all around Yoruba land. The two bloody battles of Historical accounts suggest that the people of Modakeke migrated and settled in Ile-Ife in the aftermath of the collapse of the Old Oyo empire in the nineteenth century, causing a refugee crisis to the south and resulting in the occupation of their contemporary location.

But the problems of Ife and Modakeke go beyond throwing stones. The research will be of benefit to the government to learning from public opinion of the respondents on strategies they need to employ in cubing communal clashes d to know the pains that people are passing through.


It was also customary for the storks at the location to chirp and sing the rhyme "Mo-da-ke-ke-ke-ke" which was most of the time heard by the Ifes and it was decided Ife modakeke crisis the new settlement would be called MODAKEKE. Going by this analysis, the lessons from the Ife-Modakeke crisis makes a good study because of its strategic importance in Yoruba history; and again, its prospect for conflict resolution in Nigeria.

Later, the youths nearly broke the fragile peace in the area when they were marching towards Lagere area, an Ife territory to protest the beating up of a Modakeke youth by the Ifes who was accused of "breaking into Ife. Over twenty people have been contacted in the two communities of Ife and Modakeke for oral interview.

The first casualty was the council itself. Conflicts arise from the pursuit of divergent interests, goals and aspirations by individuals and or groups in defined social and physical environments Otite, This is followed by objectives of Ife modakeke crisis study, statement of the problem, literature review, scope and limitation of the study, significance of the study, research methodology, and lastly the endnotes.

The Ifes, either rightly or wrongly or perhaps antecedental arrogance, still see the Modakekes as a tenant, who no matter how successful it might be must not be allowed to rise above certain level.

As the Romans of old, they were prosperous soldier-farmers. This is why the Palace area is known as Enuwa Enu Owa until today. Like some of his 'colleagues' that are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea in their bid to remain in power after the expiration of their three year term next month, Awopetu is not likely to have that fears.

Recommendations on how the two communities can build peace and quickly resolve emerging crises will be given in this chapter.

Nigeria: Ife/Modakeke Crises . . . When Will Help Come?

Does mass media assist in cubing Ife-Modakeke communal crisis? However, the 'creation' of a local government for itself by Modakeke can not but raise tension in the area.

The reigning Ooni of Ife, Oba Akinmoyero was said to have received them well.

Nigeria: Ife, Modakeke Crisis: the Modakekes Raise the Stakes

That local government council never functioned for one day. Published works on the history of the peoples of Ife and Modakeke were consulted to provide a scholarly guideline on the causes, course and effects of the Ife- Modakeke crisis and its overall implication on peace building in Nigeria.

Hitherto, the literature on this issue in Africa is relatively weak in terms of systematically providing empirical evidence to substantiate its claims. The paper present preliminary report of a survey study carried out on urban ethno-communal conflict in Nigeria: And that is exactly what is at the root of the crisis.

Elizabeth Odetayo, whose respective accounts made the participants asking rhetorical questions. First, the participants argued that the relevant government agencies and regulatory bodies should as a matter of urgency put up a policy document to include the following: Statement of the Problem Conflict resolution in Nigeria is still in its developmental stage.

What is the major cause of communal crisis in Nigeria? And it was not the first time they would do that. And he is not having his best of times politically. Were there to be a referendum in Ife today whether Modakeke should be allowed to have its own local government, the verdict is likely to be a resounding no.

Among the prominent conflicts in Nigeria are: And that is why the Modakekes might not be helping matters as they are only raising the stakes for peace. To examine the negative effect of Ife- Modakeke crisis on the both side?

If it can, there seems to be an unwritten rule that so far the solution is not likely to be in favour of the Modakekes, then it could not be applied. Sorenson in January When it appeared, in the reckoning of the Modakekes, that the President did not know what to do with the report or he was too slow for their political well-being, Modakekes decided to make history by becoming the first community to create a local government for itself and at the same time name a chairman for the council.

It will also help both the indigenes of the two communities to understand the history, traditions, customs, beliefs and taboos of the other group in other to accommodate each other.

Secondary sources were also sourced to enrich this research work. The Ifes and the Modakekes might be locked in a brutal fratricidal war, but in the political equation of the present Osun State, the two communities belong to the same camp: Having lost all their possessions in their hasty flight, they started life in Ife by doing menial jobs to enable them eke out a living.

History[ edit ] With the fall of the Oyo Empire to the Fulanithe Yoruba kingdom was thrown into confusion and the inhabitants of the Old Oyo were dispersed and started new settlements all around Yoruba land.Lagos — In a new twist to the seemingly unending Ife/Modakeke crisis, the Modakekes, having waited in vain for the implementaion of the recommendations of the Bode George led peace panel, decided to create their own local government.

However, a politician from Ife debunked the claim, saying the land on which Modakeke people were farming belonged to Ile Ife and they should pay tribute on it. He also blamed the new crisis brewing among the two communities on Modakeke but he said that.

The event, which held between November 7 to 8, though heart-rending, was indeed, another opportunity for victims of the Ife/Modakeke crisis to re-appraise what has become their lot ever since the. However, Ife East Area Office shares boundaries with Ife Central, Ife North, and Ife East Local Governments.

Hence, it has three political wards.

THE ROLE OF MASS MEDIA IN CRISIS RESOLUTION (A case study of Ife- Modakeke Crisis)

The indigenes of Ife East Local Government Area Office, Modakeke-Ife are predominantly Oyo speaking people bounded with. Modakeke in Osun State, South West Nigeria, with a population of close to three hundred thousand slcbrand.com Modakekes are also known as the "Akoraye" and have a history of valor at war and are prosperous farmers.

THE ROLE OF MASS MEDIA IN CRISIS RESOLUTION (A case study of Ife- Modakeke Crisis)

Studies on the Ife-Modakeke crisis have so far provided historical explanations for the crisis, factors (remote and immediate) that fuelled the crisis as well as steps taken so far by the legal.

Ife modakeke crisis
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