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Barry Chusid Director of Photography: If the filmmakers had any sense of fun, they would have had Ellie the Unbeliever cry out 'Oh. Well, like they say, Dr. Sympathy for the Devil The Devil: Austin Powers -- Mike Meyers Dr. All people want to know about is Him.The original Bedazzled was a film vehicle for Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.

Moore plays Stanley Moon, a short-order cook at Wimpy's who is hopelessly in love with waitress Margaret (Eleanor Bron) but too shy to tell her how he feels. Depressed over his lot in life, he attempts to hang. Every office has an Elliot Richards (Brendan Fraser), someone so relentlessly, cluelessly irritating that co-workers will turn on their heels to avoid saying hi.

Essay about Elliot Richards' Bedazzled - Elliot Richards' Bedazzled Literature that was published in the s in Germany is still used as a basis, or can be, for modern movies.

I found this to be true when comparing Faust to the movie “Bedazzled.” Faust is a Romantic story that encompasses the Romantic movement to the fullest.

Bedazzled: a Devilish Journey to Self Confidence Bedazzled: A Devilish Journey to Self Confidence Lovesick, desperate, eager to please, doormat, these are the first words that introduce the audience to the character of Elliot Richards in the movie Bedazzled.

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Free Essay: Elliot Richards' Bedazzled Literature that was published in the s in Germany is still used as a basis, or can be, for modern movies.

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Elliot richards bedazzled essay
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