An analysis of the positive opportunites that came from the voyage of christopher columbus

In addition to this he was also very careful never to enrage the people on these islands and instead to treat them with great kindness and gentleness. Culturally, they underwent a process in which their culture was mixed with that of Spain and became something entirely new.

In lieu of the material riches he had promised the Spanish monarchs, he sent some slaves to Queen Isabella. He also kidnapped several Native Americans between ten and twenty-five to take back to Spain—only eight survived. I gave it to him with some very good amber beads which I had around my neck, and some red slippers, and a flask of orange-flower water with which he was so pleased that it was amazing.

As unjust and counterproductive as this may seem, these were the sad truths that our current world was founded upon. Other small and relatively trivial examples of repetitive and formulaic description include his frequent comparison of the calm sea on the outward journey with the river at Seville: I took possession of all of them for our most fortunate King by making public proclamation and unfurling his standard, no one making any resistance," Columbus wrote.

I decided to write down the whole of this voyage in detail, day by day, everything that I should do and see and undergo, as will be seen in due course. Broadly speaking, there are two main areas of interest: Portuguese explorers solved this problem by taking to the sea: His work, however, forced Europe into unprecedented reflections on what constituted a rational being.

At the end of his paper, he recounts the way that the surviving Native Indians are being treated. His eyes never tired of looking nor his ears of listening.

What is the impact of Christopher Columbus's voyages to the Americas?

This sets the backdrop for the article by Bartolome. In addition, diseases brought by Europeans raged throughout the New World where people had no resistance, killing tremendous numbers of natives. Is it too much to hope that our churches, even in their current condition, will come to appreciate and to remind us how Christianity, in spite of a tortuous and tangled history, has contributed to the moral development of our still sadly underdeveloped humanity?

Simply talking about gold often enough helps to create a strong impression of substance, or holds out the strong likelihood of substance. With the ending of the Reconquest in Spain, and the expulsion of the Moors and the Jews, the time was ripe, it suggests, for a diplomatic mission to the lands of the Great Khan to promote the Catholic faith: He was met with the same kindness and benevolence from the native peoples as he went from island to island on his unsuccessful quest to find gold.

Consequences of Columbus

Instead, they simply pushed them off their ancestral lands, killing many in the process. Columbus reached the island of Trinidad on August 1,and the South American mainland at the Paria Peninsula in Venezuela on August 5, before heading to the colony on Hispaniola.

The access which Las Casas had to the Journal was evidently restricted. At others he is desperately trying to get the people who hold the keys to reward and recognition to understand and re-live the problems he faces, the terrain, the culture, the sheer size of everything.

They would misinterpret every little thing to mean that land was near. An investigation of initial f- against initial h- for example, shows this to be the case.

As the extent of the newly-discovered territories grew ever greater, there sprang up alongside the conquistadores a shadowy army of clerks and secretaries, recording the events for posterity and maintaining a discreet surveillance in the process.

A world in which the Spanish have forcefully colonized the new world and have done so by completely wiping out whole islands which were once full of inhabitants. On the 11th of October, they finally reached land. The original has not been seen sincethe year in which the Queen died. The consequences of his explorations were severe for the native populations of the areas he and the conquistadores conquered.

It had to be, for in aiming to reach a known destination by an unknown route, the very success of the enterprise depended on reducing unknown factors to a minimum. In this, Vitoria was developing principles that were also coming to have an influence over Pope Pius III, who in response to reports from the New World proclaimed in his encyclical Sublimis Deus: His explorations initiated sustained contact between European and American peoples.

And he was the first European to explore the Caribbean islands and the mainland from Honduras to Venezuela. There was, it seems, no conquest without writing. This is certainly claimed by Milani. Investigation by the National Geographic Society in the s concluded that this landfall occurred on Samana Cay, in the Bahaman Islands, which the Arawak Indian inhabitants called Guanahani and which Columbus immediately christened San Salvador.

Newsweek amply demonstrates the wealth of interesting and morally relevant material on Columbus, Native Americans, the Spanish settlements, disease, slavery, and a host of other issues available to anyone who takes the trouble to look.

Columbus, a devout Catholic, was equally enthusiastic about this possibility.

Christopher Columbus

If Columbus did not discover America, he did find the best routes for Europeans to reach it, and nearly all other ships followed in his wake for the next three hundred years. Some food is brought for the visitor and the entourage is ordered outside, with the exception of two men whom Columbus judged to be his advisers and who sat at his feet.By comparison, the National Council of Churches' document "A Faithful Response to the th Anniversary of the Arrival of Christopher Columbus," published in amidst much controversy, was a far less morally serious text.

Positive Opportunities Essay Examples. 2 total results. An Analysis of the Positive Opportunites That Came from the Voyage of Christopher Columbus. words. 1 page. An Analysis of the Exceptional Education Through Self-Determination and the Creation of the Positive Opportunities.

The Voyages of Christopher Columbus Analysis

The Journal of Christopher Columbus” Summary and Analysis + “On the Destruction of the Indies” by Bartoleme de Las Casas Posted on April 10, by asryannarek Christopher Columbus begins his journal by recounting current events that have been taking place in Spain.

He praises his king multiple times during the prologue. What was the purpose of Christopher Columbus' first voyage? 2 educator answers Please describe/explain Christopher Columbus' journal of his voyage.

On August 3,Columbus set sail from Spain to find an all-water route to Asia. On October 12, more than two months later, Columbus landed on an island in the Bahamas that he called San Salvador; the natives called it Guanahani.

Columbus reports on his first voyage, 1493

Christopher Columbus’s famous voyage to the Americas is considered the most successful expedition of overseas expansion that Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand supported. During his first expedition inColumbus landed in the present-day Bahamas and continued on to present-day Cuba, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.

An analysis of the positive opportunites that came from the voyage of christopher columbus
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